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Trips and Pricing

We will custom design a great trip for you based on your goals, the experience of the anglers, and anticipated fishing conditions. The captain reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a trip if weather conditions are predicted to be unsafe.


              2 hr sightseeing______________       _ $300


              4 hr fishing                                            $550                                  

              5 hr fishing                                            $650                                  

              6 hr fishing                                            $750

              8 hr fishing                                 ______$1000


Deposit of 20%, non-refundable, unless the captain cancels the charter.

The mate works for tips. A 10-20% gratuity is appreciated.

Please consult the calendar to the left and then either call us or send a request for a date when you Contact Us

What to Bring


Pandion has an enclosed head but otherwise no cabin space. It can get quite breezy while cruising to a fishing location, and even on a hot day, the Gulf of Maine remains quite cool. Therefore, anglers should be prepared for a variety of weather conditions with sufficient layers to protect from a cool breeze.

Rain is always a possibility in Maine, so rain gear is a must. Please wear rubber-soled boat shoes or deck boots that won’t scuff the deck.


There will be a cooler aboard with water and room to store lunch and snacks.


Sunscreen and your favorite fishing hat are always a good idea.

And remember that the boatyard requires you to wear a mask at the yard. Thank you.

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