A Great Day on the Offshore Grounds

Pandion Sportfishing opened its 2019 offshore season with a great day on May 27. Four anglers ventured out in foggy, chilly weather and caught 36 haddock, 3 cusk, and 12 pollock. It was non-stop action for three hours! Double and even triple hook-ups were common, and there were numerous releases of under-sized fish. Coolers were full to overflowing as Pandion headed back to the harbor.

Interestingly, a dozen cod were also caught. Since there is a moratorium on possession of cod, all these fish were safely released. Cod stocks have been depleted in the Gulf of Maine, and the moratorium is designed to give the species time to recover. Several of the cod caught were estimated to exceed 30 inches and suggest that the stock is recovering nicely. All the anglers on Pandion on this trip are looking forward to when we are able to keep a few of these tasty fish.

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