I have fond memories of my grandfather teaching me to fish. At the time it didn’t feel like a lesson, just a chance to go out in the boat and drop bait for flounder and tautog off Mystic, CT, where Gramp lived. But a lesson it surely was, since even to this day I remember some of the fundamentals he taught me: patience, paying attention to how my bait might look to a fish, and most useful, how to tie good knots.


So when grandchildren started to appear in my life, I resolved to carry on the tradition of teaching the young ones to fish. I comandeered Pandion for a day, and Captain Caron happily volunteered to put us on fish.


Captain Caron knows what makes the younger set happy: lots of action. We started with mackerel on diamond jigs. Since the Captain has several shark trips coming up, he was freezing all the mackerel he could find for chum blocks. The grandkids thought the non-stop action of dropping jigs into a hungry cloud of macs was a barrel of laughs!


After filling the bait well and every available bucket with mackerel, we headed up the Kennebec to see if there were any bigger fish around. While patience is one of the important lessons of fishing, too much patience can make for a boring afternoon. Captain Caron knew that if we weren’t getting action on the second drift, it was time to look elsewhere for fish. Finally we found a hungry school, and seven stripers later everyone was feeling pretty good about the afternoon.


No keepers, but if you’re only four feet high, a 25 inch striper can feel like a whale!


Taking kids fishing makes everybody happy.

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