Fishing with the Grandkids 8/20

I have fond memories of my grandfather teaching me to fish. At the time it didn’t feel like a lesson, just a chance to go out in the boat and drop bait for flounder and tautog off Mystic, CT, where Gramp lived. But a lesson it surely was, since even to this day I remember some of the fundamentals he taught me: patience, paying attention to how my bait might look to a fish, and most useful, how to tie good knots.


So when grandchildren started to appear in my life, I resolved to carry on the tradition of teaching the young ones to fish. I comandeered Pandion for a day, and Captain Caron happily volunteered to put us on fish.


Captain Caron knows what makes the younger set happy: lots of action. We started with mackerel on diamond jigs. Since the Captain has several shark trips coming up, he was freezing all the mackerel he could find for chum blocks. The grandkids thought the non-stop action of dropping jigs into a hungry cloud of macs was a barrel of laughs!


After filling the bait well and every available bucket with mackerel, we headed up the Kennebec to see if there were any bigger fish around. While patience is one of the important lessons of fishing, too much patience can make for a boring afternoon. Captain Caron knew that if we weren’t getting action on the second drift, it was time to look elsewhere for fish. Finally we found a hungry school, and seven stripers later everyone was feeling pretty good about the afternoon.


No keepers, but if you’re only four feet high, a 25 inch striper can feel like a whale!


Taking kids fishing makes everybody happy.


Pandion Update: Seasons Changing

The last few weeks have been busy ones on Pandion. The good July weather has brought in lots of charters and lots of fish. Bait has been plentiful and the stripers inshore have been very cooperative. Not a lot of keepers, but plenty of fish in the mid to high 20s that put a nice bend in a light rod and a pleasant tug on a line.

Offshore, Pandion has caught two bluefin tuna in the month of July. One tuna measured 84 inches and the other 73 inches. There are lots of sharks moving in as the offshore water warms, and Pandion has caught three makos, which were all released. The bluefin season is closed now (temporarily, we hope); but there are lots of pelagic fish moving into the Gulf of Maine feasting on the plentiful bait.

August is traditionally a time when the water in the rivers can become pretty warm, and bass fishing usually slows. Over the next few weeks, Pandion will be looking for stripers in deeper water and their warm weather hangouts. It’s a great time to book an all day offshore trip, for ground fish, for shark, and when the season reopens, for bluefin tuna!


Bait Season Begins in the Kennebec 7/1

The Kennebec river system is closed to using bait (alive or dead) until July 1 every season. Given the effectiveness of bait on the striper population, local anglers wait anxiously for the start of bait season. Pandion has done quite well this spring using artificial lures, but you can’t miss the first day of bait season!

And the traffic on the river showed that lots of other anglers had planned a day off from work to catch that first striper of the season on cut mackerel or on an eel. At 2 pm on July 1, 10 boats were drifting under a cloud of birds working baitfish across from the Bath Iron Works. Everybody was catching fish. It doesn’t get better than that!

On a short afternoon, Pandion went 7 for 12 on our first bait trip of the season. The water temperature is coming up. There’s a lot of bait in the water. It’s time to book a trip with Captain Caron and Pandion Sportfishing!


A New Technique in an Old Hotspot


It’s been family and friends day for Pandion the last two days. Somewhat problematic weather and the vagaries of the calendar left us without charters. What a great opportunity to do what we most enjoy doing—gather the friends and cousins and go fishing in the Kennebec River. Fishing with family is also a great opportunity to experiment with new techniques.


Certain fishing spots always become associated with a specific presentation: this is the spot that live bait works best on the incoming tide, or this is the spot to use top water plugs on the outgoing. Generally those precepts are based on a lot of experience. In the case of Pandion, Ty has been fishing the river for 30 years … pretty much the same way every year.


But Captain Caron likes to try new presentations. And having family and friends aboard was a perfect opportunity to shake things up. So we tried trolling small diving plugs in spots that traditionally held fish. Trolling allows you to cover a lot of water, and once we found a concentration of fish, we stayed put and enjoyed the catching.


The result: 27 bass in two four-hour cruises, with plenty of fish lost in good fights, and one monster bass that snapped the leader and bent a rod to a truly memorable angle. The mackerel and herring have arrived in the area, and the

Sometimes the fishing picks up as a storm approaches. On June 22, with a forecast of afternoon thunderstorms, the Pandion crew took a couple from Georgia out for their first striper trip in the Gulf of Maine. Conditions were perfect in the morning, and the anglers went 4 for 4 on schoolies. Conditions changed rapidly, however, and thunderclouds were massing as Pandion returned our guests to the Harbor. Shortly thereafter, the crew raced to our mooring as torrential rain and even some hail pelted down.

Just Before the Storm...


Two Good Days!


Schoolie stripers have started to fill in some of the beaches along the mid coast region. The action was fast and furious on two trips on Pandion June 18 and 19. Mackerel have returned to the waters in reasonable numbers, and in the waters where live bait is permitted, it’s the way to go. Two anglers caught 8 fish on June 18, and three caught 7 fish on June 19, although none were large enough to keep.

With a forecast of sunshine and warmer temperatures in the next few days, the crew of Pandion is looking forward to fishing in warmer water. The summer season is definitely approaching, as we are getting lots of inquiries about charters. To book a charter, use the 
Contact Us page or call Captain Caron directly at 207-380-2791.

Stripers are back in the River


On June 11, Pandion was in the Kennebec River for the first time this season, fishing for striped bass on an incoming tide, and it’s fair to say that our striped bass season is off to a good start.

The two anglers aboard caught a total of 12 fish ranging in size from 22” to 28”.
(All the fish were released.) Medium-sized soft baits and poppers were the favorite baits, and sizeable schools of bass were observed feed on baitfish. The water temperature in the river is just starting to push into the low 60s, so the fish are becoming active. We’re looking forward to more good days on the Kennebec!

Second Trip Offshore

On June 7, the Pandion Sportfishing crew went out to Platts Bank for our second ground fishing trip of the season. Haddock and pollack were plentiful, as were many large cod, some over 40 inches. The cod and wolffish were all released, but haddock made their way into the cooler for tasty meals on shore!One of the treats of going offshore is the chance to see some of the larger marine mammals. This trip was no exception, as the Humpback Whales put on quite a show.As the weather gets warmer, the fishing offshore grows more and more comfortable. Book a trip soon!


A Great Day on the Offshore Grounds


Pandion Sportfishing opened its 2019 offshore season with a great day on May 27. Four anglers ventured out in foggy, chilly weather and caught 36 haddock, 3 cusk, and 12 pollock. It was non-stop action for three hours! Double and even triple hook-ups were common, and there were numerous releases of under-sized fish. Coolers were full to overflowing as Pandion headed back to the harbor.Interestingly, a dozen cod were also caught. Since there is a moratorium on possession of cod, all these fish were safely released. Cod stocks have been depleted in the Gulf of Maine, and the moratorium is designed to give the species time to recover. Several of the cod caught were estimated to exceed 30 inches and suggest that the stock is recovering nicely. All the anglers on Pandion on this trip are looking forward to when we are able to keep a few of these tasty fish.Charters are being booked at Pandion Sportfishing rapidly now, as the Maine fishing season begins. Visit the Contact Us page or call 207‑380‑2791 to book a date on Pandion.

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