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July 2020 Update

With the pandemic raging across the country, the crew at Pandion Sportfishing was unsure how the 2020 season would turn out. We knew we would be ready, but would anyone be able to join us?


The answer is that we have been quite busy since July 1. The easing of quarantine restrictions on several of the New England states has surely contributed to the requests for charters; but we also think that after months of sheltering at home, people are really ready to get out in the fresh ocean air and feel a fish tugging on a line.


Pandion Sportfishing is complying with all state and local regulations regarding the pandemic. Charter clients are required to wear facemasks when they are in the boatyard before and after their charter. All surfaces, tackle, and equipment are cleaned after every charter, and we have facemasks aboard if guests need them. And if closed rooms with stagnant air are the places where the virus is most likely to spread, cruising up the Kennebec River at 25 knots should be a good alternative.


Fishing has been strong this season. After an excellent halibut and haddock season in May and June, the stripers have moved into local waters in good numbers. Tuna fishing hasn’t hit its mid-summer peak yet, but one 92-inch bluefin has hit our deck, and a couple have been lost to pulled hooks. Bait is plentiful, so we anticipate a good tuna season. There have been reports of bluefish in local waters, but so far the striper fishing has been too good for us to hunt for blues.

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