Bait Season Begins in the Kennebec 7/1


The Kennebec river system is closed to using bait (alive or dead) until July 1 every season. Given the effectiveness of bait on the striper population, local anglers wait anxiously for the start of bait season. Pandion has done quite well this spring using artificial lures, but you can’t miss the first day of bait season!

And the traffic on the river showed that lots of other anglers had planned a day off from work to catch that first striper of the season on cut mackerel or on an eel. At 2 pm on July 1, 10 boats were drifting under a cloud of birds working baitfish across from the Bath Iron Works. Everybody was catching fish. It doesn’t get better than that!

On a short afternoon, Pandion went 7 for 12 on our first bait trip of the season. The water temperature is coming up. There’s a lot of bait in the water. It’s time to book a trip with Captain Caron and Pandion Sportfishing!

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