A New Technique in an Old Hotspot


It’s been family and friends day for Pandion the last two days. Somewhat problematic weather and the vagaries of the calendar left us without charters. What a great opportunity to do what we most enjoy doing—gather the friends and cousins and go fishing in the Kennebec River. Fishing with family is also a great opportunity to experiment with new techniques.


Certain fishing spots always become associated with a specific presentation: this is the spot that live bait works best on the incoming tide, or this is the spot to use top water plugs on the outgoing. Generally those precepts are based on a lot of experience. In the case of Pandion, Ty has been fishing the river for 30 years … pretty much the same way every year.


But Captain Caron likes to try new presentations. And having family and friends aboard was a perfect opportunity to shake things up. So we tried trolling small diving plugs in spots that traditionally held fish. Trolling allows you to cover a lot of water, and once we found a concentration of fish, we stayed put and enjoyed the catching.


The result: 27 bass in two four-hour cruises, with plenty of fish lost in good fights, and one monster bass that snapped the leader and bent a rod to a truly memorable angle. The mackerel and herring have arrived in the area, and the stripers are hungry. Tight lines!

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